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Copperplate-printed cotton coverlet with scenes of Diana & Cupid
French (Favre Petitpierre et Cie., Nantes), ca. 1820
103 x 135 in. (261.6 x 342.9 cm)
Coverlet of copperplate-printed cotton in red on a white ground, depicting scenes of Cupid with various mythological figures, including Diana and Minerva, and a young woman in a pastoral landscape and a sculpture of Minerva on a pedestal in the background; printed at the manufacture Favre Petitpierre et Cie. after a design by Samuel-Jean-Joseph Cholet. Quilted in white cotton thread, made to shape for a full bed, with pillow riser and scalloped side panels. Lined with white linen and inscribed on reverse: "Vielle / St. Christophe."

A panel of this toile in a different colorway is in the collection of the Swiss National Museum, ex-collection Xavier Petitcol (LM 171630).

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