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Inside-Outside screen-printed furnishing linen
Serge Chermayeff for L. Anton Maix
American (New York), 1950
35 x 51.25 in. (88.9 x 130.175 cm)
The Russian-born architect Serge Chermayeff designed Inside-Outside in 1950 to be used as curtains in the dining room of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Although the U.N. Archives lacks photo documentation of the dining room's original decor, in a 1985 interview, Chermayeff himself recalled the commission in vivid detail, even noting the colorway, pattern unit, and fabric width.

Described by the New York Times in April 1950 as "an imaginative abstract impression of a view from a skyscraper," Inside-Outside was Chermayeff's only contribution to the L. Anton Maix line of fabrics that was entirely his own design. His other textiles, like Navajo, Peruvian, and Japanese Paper, took their inspiration from indigenous and folk-craft patterns.

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