Bizarre silk panel
French or Italian, ca. 1700-15

A pieced bizarre silk panel, of gold-wrapped metallic thread and salmon-colored satin brocaded with polychrome silk and metallic thread; satin ground extensively covered with metallic filé and frisé thread with salmon and green outlines and details creating stepped architectural motifs, brackets and scrolls; areas of satin brocaded with delicate floral and foliate sprays in blue, yellow, ivory, and grey silk and gold metallic frisé threads.

An identical silk, with the pattern in reverse, is illustrated in Monique and Donald King, European Textiles in the Keir Collection (1990), p. 255, no. 196; and Hans Christoph Ackermann, Seidengewebe des 18. Jahrhunderts, Bizarre Seiden (2002), p. 342, no. 186. A chasuble of a closely related silk is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (55.217.14).

60" H x 20.25" W (pieced)


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