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Antique Dealer's Association of America
Cora Ginsburg is a member of the Antiques Dealers' Association of America, Inc. (ADA) that was established in May 1984 as a non-profit trade association. Its major objective is to make more professional the business of buying and selling antiques. Membership is composed of professional antiques dealers who are dedicated to integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in the antiques trade.

Antique Roadshow The Antiques Roadshow is among the most-watched prime-time series on PBS. Every summer the Antiques Roadshow visits cities across the United States, and the public is invited to bring their collectibles to be appraised by America's most prestigious antique experts. Viewers share special moments when experts reveal the true historical and market value of people's objects. Titi Halle of Cora Ginsburg served as an appraiser for the fifteen seasons of the show, from 1997 to 2011.

CINOA CINOA is a non-profit international federation of associations which was established more than 70 years ago. It is the only international federation for antique and art dealers that represents a wide array of specialities. CINOA’s members are 32 art and antique associations from 22 countries. Through these associations CINOA represents more than 5,000 dealers worldwide. Membership of CINOA is based on associations which bind their dealer members to adhere to reputable standards of quality and expertise.

CSA - Costume Society of America The Costume Society of America is a nonprofit organization established in 1973 to draw attention to the field of costume studies. CSA seeks to bring together those interested in the study, collection, preservation, and exhibition of costume and to encourage new scholarship through symposia and publications like the annual journal Dress.

TEFAF - European Fine Art Fair Established in 1988, The European Fine Art Fair is a non-profit foundation that is host to the world's leading art, antiques, and design fair, showcasing museum-quality works. TEFAF has established a vetting committee comprising an international team of experts who, prior to the fair, closely examine each artwork. Ms. Titi Halle served on the vetting committee for Textiles at Maastricht for twenty years.

The National Antique & Art Dealers Association of America Cora Ginsburg has been a member of The National Antique & Art Dealers Association of America Inc. since the mid-1980s. Founded in 1954, NAADAA, is a non-profit trade association of America's leading antique dealers, whose members are recognized authorities in their various fields. The Association seeks to promote the interests of those who buy, sell or collect antiques and works of art; to sponsor and organize antique and art exhibitions; and to promote ethical trade practices.

Textile Society of America The Textile Society of America, Inc. was founded in 1987 as an international forum welcoming a wide array of approaches, from the technical to the historical, in the study of textiles. TSA includes over 700 members worldwide and hosts a biannual symposium.

The Winter Antiques Show The Winter Antiques Show is America's most prestigious show with with exhibitors in a diverse range of fine and decorative arts. Every object at the Winter Antiques Show is examined by a vetting committee of experts in each of the Show's categories. Cora Ginsburg regularly participated in the Winter Antiques Show in the 1990s and 2000s; Ms. Titi Halle is now a member of the vetting committee.


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