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Antique European & N. American Textiles
Siamoise (ikat) of linen and cotton
French (Rouen?), 1750-1800
  Chintz appliqué border
English, 1842
  Brocaded worsted
English (probably Norwich), late 18th c.
  Silk-embroidered sampler
Probably Mexican, late 18th c.
Silk cannelé depicting Juno in her chariot
Probably French, ca. 1733–40
  America presenting at the altar of Liberty copperplate-printed cotton
English, ca. 1785
  Painted pékin silk taffeta
French, ca. 1770
  Drawnwork linen valance
Russian (Novgorod), late 18th c.
Embroidered green silk
English, 1730s
  Copperplate-printed cotton coverlet depicting Diana & Cupid
French (Nantes), ca. 1820
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