Enameled Belt Buckle
Continental (Austrian, German, or Swiss), ca. 1830

Belt buckle of oblong shape, with gilding, with inset champlevé and painted enameling; with two rectangular painted enamel plaques set into each side, each with a female figure in peasant dress consisting of a blue skirt, pink bodice, chemise, apron, and hat (the left figure wearing a white cap and the right wearing a yellow bergère), each figure framed by pink, white and green flowers; champlevé channels surrounding in a pattern alternating black and white squares, acanthine leaf forms in pale blue and black champlevé; framed above and below by heptagonal red and apricot champlevé designs with a chased flower at the center, flanked by chased vegetal forms with white enamel.

3.875" H x 1.625" W
Enameled Belt Buckle
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