African, Asian Costume & Textiles
Banarasi sari
Indian (probably Varanasi),
late 19th/early 20th c.
  Assaba (woman's headcloth)
Southern Tunisian (Dahar Mountains),
first half 20th c.
  Cloak clasps
Algerian (Kabylie),
19th c.
  Silk embroidery
Moroccan (Fez), early to mid-20th c.
Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)
Japanese, first half 20th c.
  Lawon (woman's shoulder cloth)
Indonesian (Palembang, Sumatra), 19th c.
  Luntaya-Acheiq Silk Panel
Burmese (Myanmar), late 19th c.
  Silk Ikat Panel
Uzbek (Bukhara), early 19th c.
Batik sarong
Indonesian (Pekalongan), early 20th c.
  Indigo resist-dyed cotton cover
Chinese (Miao), early to mid-20th c.
  Woman's jacket
Persian (Iran, Qajar dynasty),
mid-19th c.
  Wrap-resist-dyed turban cloth
Indian (Rajasthan),
early 20th c.
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