Painted Ivory Silk Taffeta
Chinese, late 18th/early 19th century

Painted Ivory Silk Taffeta

Chinese silks, including damasks, satins, gauzes, and taffetas, were a mainstay of East/West trade during the eighteenth century. Among these, painted taffetas were particularly admired and sought after for both furnishing and dress. This striking, unused length of furnishing taffeta exhibits key characteristics of Chinese painted silks during this period, including its width, contrasting selvage colors, and its painting technique.

Although most Chinese silks feature meandering branches and scattered flowers, this example displays a repeating pattern of offset rows of stylized floral sprays and leafy sprigs a traditional Western weaving composition. Whether they provided an oriental touch to a room or were part of a fully exotic interior scheme, Chinese painted taffetas were prized and valuable commodities. Multiple yards are available.

29" W

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