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17th Century Textiles
Crewel Embroidered Panel, English, ca. 1670–90
  Cut, Uncut & Voided Silk Velvet, Italian, early 17th c.
Linen Sampler Worked in Colored Silks, Initialled "MSM", German, dated 1677
Metallic Needlework Picture, English, mid-17th c.
18th Century Textiles
Needlework Picture, English, early 18th c.
Panel of Bizarre Brocaded Silk, Italian, ca. 1700-1710
Panel of Chine Striped Silk Faille, Franch, late 18th c.
Panel of Lace Pattern Brocaded Silk Satin, French, ca. 1720-25
19th Century Textiles
Art Nouveau Printed Velveteen, French, 1880s
Block-Printed Cotton Mezzaro, Italian, ca. 1832
Feltwork Appliqué Cover, American, mid-19th c.
Silk Brocatelle Wall Panel, French, ca. 1850
20th Century Textiles
Chromatic Circles Wool-Pile Carpet Hanging by Herbert Bayer, American, designed in 1967
Crocus Tapestry-Woven Wool Panel by Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Swedish, designed in 1930; woven after 1941
Les Althéas by Raoul Dufy, Block-Printed Silk Satin, French, ca. 1918
Traffic Lights by Jacqueline Groag for David Whitehead, Printed Rayon, British, 1953
Asian & Ethnographic Textiles
Cotton Patchwork and Appliqué Panel, Chinese Minority (Miao, Dunaco sub-tribe), early 20th century
Indian Chintz Panel, Indian Export, 18th century
Kira of Raw Silk and Cotton with Geometric Pattern, Bhutanese, Kurtö region, ca.1900
Strip-Woven Cloth, Mende people, Sierra Leone, early 20th century
Ladies Antique Costume
Day Dress of Roller-and Block-Printed Cotton, American, ca. 1830
Moiré Silk Damask Open Robe, Continental, c. 1775-80
Printed Cotton Day Dress, English, ca. 1825-30
Summer Day Dress, English or American, mid-1880s
Zandra Rhodes Silk Organza Evening Dress, British, 1978
Gentlemen Antique Costume
  Cardinal-Red Wool Waistcoat, ca. 1870
  Deep Plum Velvet Waistcoat, ca.1860
Embroidered Waistcoat, British, mid-18th c.
Embroidered Black Satin Waistcoat, English, ca. 1840-50
Antique Accessories
Embroidered Silk Fichu, Continental, mid-18th c.
Embroidered Cream Silk Satin Wallet, English, late 18th c.
Embroidered Satin Garters, French, ca. 1800
Embroidered Velveteen Uncut Men's Slippers, English, ca. 1921
  Embroidered Petitpoint Braces, ca. 1820-30 and ca. 1840s
Hand-painted paper fan with figures in a garden, French, mid-18th c.
Multi-color Linen Sandals, American, 1930s-40s
Cotton Sateen Shawl, English, ca. 1825-50

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