Antique Textiles
Applique Felt Panel, English, second quarter of the 18th century
Berlin Wool Work Sampler, English, 1860s
Bizarre Silk Panel, French or Italian, ca. 1700-15
Crewel Counterpane, American (Connecticut), ca. 1750
Embroidered Green Silk Panel, English, 1730s
George Washington and Andrew Jackson Printed Cottons, American (American Print Works, Fall River, Massachusetts), 1876
Silk Cannelé Panel Depicting Juno, French or Italian, ca. 1735–40
Toile Coverlet with Scenes of Diana & Cupid, French (Nantes?), ca. 1800
Modern Textiles
Abstract #1, printed linen by Ruth Reeves for Morley-Fletcher, American, ca. 1947
Botany, printed linen by Josef Frank for Morley-Fletcher, American (printed in England), ca. 1950
Country Rhythm, printed cotton barkcloth by Georges Schreiber for Associated American Artists and Riverdale Fabrics, American, 1952
Diamonds, screen-printed linen by Albert Herbert for Knoll Textiles, 1954
Filo, screen-printed linen by Angelo Testa, 1942
Lipsticks, screen-printed rayon crepe by Zandra Rhodes, 1968
September, screen-printed linen by Elenhank Designers, Inc, American, 1968
Small Squares screen-printed cotton by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller, American, 1953
Ethnographic Textiles
Batik Sarong, Indonesian (Pekalongan), early 20th century
Child’s Kimono, Japanese, Taisho period (1912-1926)
Indigo Resist-Dyed Cotton Cover, Chinese (Miao), early to mid-20th century
Jamdani Summer Sari, Indian (Dacca), ca. 1900
Kasuri Yogi (Sleeping Robe), Japanese (San'in), second half 19th century
Pair of Silk Embroideries, Moroccan (Chefchaouen), ca. 1850
Silk-Embroidered Cushion, Pakistani, 20th century
Silk Ikat, Uzbek (Bukhara), third quarter 19th century
Cotton Dress, American, ca. 1815-20
Embroidered Yellow Cotton Dress , English, 1830s
Evening Dress, English, 1840s, the silk Spitalfields ca. 1760
Man's Green Silk Coat, English, 1780s
Man's Linen Summer Jacket, American, 1820s
Printed Cotton Spencer, French, ca. 1800
Printed Linen Day Dress, French, ca. 1837
Robe à l'Anglaise, English, ca. 1777–85 - SOLD
Short Printed Cotton Gown, Dutch, ca. 1785–1800
Wool Afternoon Ensemble, English, Arthur Chambers & Co. ca. 1883
Cashmere Shawl, French, ca. 1810-20
Doll's Pudding, European, 18th century
Embroidered Mitts, American, ca. 1790-1800 - SOLD
Enameled Belt Buckle, Continental (Austrian, German, or Swiss), ca. 1830
Four–Sided Embroidered Purse, Continental, early 19th century
Heelless Cantilevered Pumps, Italian, Mario Brini, ca. 1959
Man's Linen and Wool Kerchief, English, ca. 1800 - SOLD
Man's Undress Cap, Indian export for the English market, early 18th century - SOLD
Printed Wool Parasol, American, 1840s
Silk Satin Shoes, Spanish, ca. 1815-20 - SOLD
Uncut Beaded Velvet Men's Slippers, Probably English, 1921
Vandycked Whitework Pelerine, American, ca. 1825 - SOLD
Wedgwood Jasperware Heels, English, Rayne, 1977-78

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