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Sold Archive: European & N. American Accessories
Eighteenth Century

Doll's pudding, European, 18th century   Man's undress cap, Indian export (Bengal) for the English market, early 18th century   Brocaded silk taffeta shoes, English, ca. 1735   Dresden work apron, English, 1728
Embroidered mitts, American, 1790–1800   Pair of bizarre silk shoes, English or French, ca. 1720– the silk Italian or French, ca. 1700–20   Pair of knitted silk stockings, English, ca. 1730  
Nineteenth Century

Knitted and embroidered silk stockings, European, ca. 1880   Wool tartan boots, French, ca. 1860   Silk satin shoes, Spanish, ca. 1815–20  
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