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Sold Archive: Antique European & N. American Textiles

Sixteenth & Seventeenth Century

Linen cutwork and needlelace table cover, Italian, ca. 1580-1600   Bizarre silk panel, French or Italian, ca. 1700-15   Traveling mirror with embroidery and raised work, English, third quarter 17th century   Embroidered miniature of Charles I, English, ca. 1650-70
Embroidered sweet meat panels, English, ca. 1600            
Eighteenth Century

Embroidered silk coverlet with Chinese slips, Swedish or Norwegian, second quarter 18th century   Bizarre silk panel, French or Italian, ca. 1700-15   Crewel counterpane, American (Connecticut), ca. 1750   Appliqued felt panel, English, second quarter of the 18th century
America presenting at the altar of Liberty copperplate-printed cotton, English, ca. 1785   Cotton-linen siamoise (ikat), French (Rouen?), 1750-1800   Silk cannelé depicting Juno, French (Lyon), ca. 1733–40    
Nineteenth Century

Hanging with nine samplers, Mexican, dated 1810 to 1861   Salesman's sample of block-printed foulard designs, French (probably Rouen), mid-19th century   Chintz appliqué border, English, 1842   Overskirt panel of velours au sabre, French (Lyon), ca. 1880-85
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