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Sold Archive: European & N. American Costume
Eighteenth Century

Robe à l'anglaise, American, ca. 1780; the silk English, ca. 1770-75   Man's ribbed silk coat, English, 1780s   Printed cotton short gown, Dutch, ca. 1785-1800   Robe à la  française, American (the silk French), 1760s
Floral brocaded silk dress, English, ca. 1760; the silk Spitalfields, ca. 1735   Round gown of silver muslin, American, ca. 1795–1800   Robe à la française, French, 1750s; the silk, 1720s  
Nineteenth Century

Dinner or evening dress of Clarence blue silk, American (Connecticut), ca. 1818   Printed cotton sporting ensemble, English, mid-1880s   Silk velvet smoking suit, French or English, ca. 1870   Printed cotton day dress, American, ca. 1833
Twentieth Century

Evening dress, Callot Soeurs, probably F/W 1928   Dance dress, James Galanos, F/W 1957   Evening coat, textile by Raoul Dufy, ca. 1925-26  
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