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Sold Archive: European & N. American Costume
Eighteenth Century

Robe à l'anglaise, English, ca. 1770–1775   Man's ribbed silk coat, English, 1780s   Printed cotton short gown, Dutch, ca. 1785–1800   Robe à la  française, American (the silk French), 1760s
Floral brocaded silk dress, English, ca. 1760; the silk Spitalfields, ca. 1735   Robe à la française, French, ca. 1775   Ladies' embroidered jumps, English, ca. 1700    
Nineteenth Century

Silk velvet court ensemble, Russian, late 19th c.   Printed cotton sporting ensemble, English, mid-1880s   Silk velvet smoking suit, French or English, ca. 1870   Printed cotton day dress, American, ca. 1833
Embroidered silk taffeta evening ensemble and parasol, French, ca. 1862–1865        
Twentieth Century

Evening dress, Callot Soeurs, probably F/W 1928   Dance dress, James Galanos, F/W 1957   Evening coat, textile by Raoul Dufy, ca. 1925–1926  
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